In My Experience - Elle from Elle Fit Active

by Adelaide Poschelk

Our latest feature to the In My Experience Journal is Elle, the founder of Elle Fit Active.

Elle - Elle Fit Active

Tell us about yourself
Hey I’m Elle and I’m living my dream life on the coast in our 1950s beach shack, with our golden retriever Sunny, surrounded by great friends. Elle Fit Active is a place where I create and share well-being tools that help you stretch your body, untangle your life and clear your mind.

What are 3 non-negotiable's you prioritise for your health?
Quality sleep, movement I enjoy, and food that works for my body.

Early to bed for roughly 9hrs of sleep, Pilates at 6:30am (3-4 times a week), a quick coffee at the beach with friends, walk Sunny, and home for a healthy breakfast before diving into my work day.

What has been one of your biggest health journeys you have overcome?
In my early 20s I experienced chronic fatigue. I was also dealing with chronic back pain from scoliosis at the same time. Two challenging and complex health issues that lead me to some incredible practitioners along the way!

I’m forever grateful for all of the wonderful holistic practitioners that were committed to getting to the bottom of the issues and determined to help me rebuild my body and mind during that time.

The silver lining was how much I was able to learn about my body at such a young age and understand how important a holistic view of health is. It absolutely changed the way I approached my life.

Between being a dog mum, business owner, partner and allowing for time for yourself. How do you best balance your busy life? 
I decided a few years ago that I wanted my business to truly complement my lifestyle so I spent time streamlining every aspect to make it as effortless and easy as possible. I’ve learnt to be very practical about how much I can take on and I don’t set unrealistic goals or timelines. I am also very aware of the pace at which the business can grow without taking over my life.

Before we got Sunny (our 1yr old golden retriever) I told my partner Sam that I could never be a stay-at-home mum that didn’t work (I loved it too much). Within hours of bringing Sunny home I told Sam I was happy for him to be the full-time provider haha! I’ve since found a nice balance where I get to spend as much time with Sunny as I like (working from home perks) and also find fulfilment with work.

In the past I struggled to know how to protect my energy levels but I’ve become better at knowing when to say yes and no. All of my friends and family understand my need for alone time to recharge which makes it easier :p.

What has been your best lesson learnt so far in 2022? 
‘Energy before action’. A friend of mine Amber Hawken created a video on this topic and its message dictated how I have approached my work this year. The feeling that we need to do work before we get to rest is the opposite of energy before action. Making sure my batteries are fully charged FIRST and meditating to get in an ideal head space before acting has allowed me to make decisions from a more aligned place which has felt great and allowed things to flow better.

Investing in your health is important, what is your go-to?
Acupuncture with Bonnie Bird at Tian Di Health Studio and Osteopathy with Jordan Moncrieff at Reset Practice.